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Monuments Inspectorate - stucture and maintenance 2013

In 2013 the Monuments and Historic Buildings Inspectorates performed 5,860 inspections on listed historic buildings. Most were in the ‘residential’ category (2,326). In this category, the structure of 97.9% of the buildings was in reasonable or good condition, and the standard of maintenance was reasonable or good in 86.3% of cases.

Diagram with the state of construction divided in poor, moderate, fair and poor for the inspected listed buildings in 2013.

Monuments Inspectorate - trends in maintenance 2008-2013

A trend has been established for the scores of listed buildings inspected on more than one occasion. In 47.2% of buildings inspected on multiple occasions the standard of maintenance remained the same, in 31.1% it improved and in 21.7% it deteriorated. The standard of maintenance of ‘road and water infrastructure’ and ‘defence works’ deteriorated slightly in relative terms.

Circle diagram with the trend of the state of maintenance in 3 categories improved, stable and detoriated.

Monuments Inspectorate - trends in structure 2008-2013

A trend has been identified for historic buildings that have been inspected three times or more. In 70.3% of buildings inspected on multiple occasions the condition of the structure has remained the same, in 21.2% it has improved and in 8.6% it has deteriorated. The structure of ‘road and water infrastructure’ and ‘defence works’ deteriorated less than in the other categories.

Circle diagram for the 3 trend-categories in construction improved, stable and detoriated 2008-2013.

Listed buildings - numbers

At the end of 2018 there were 61,908 listed buildings in the Netherlands. Since 2007 the focus has been on the post-war reconstruction period.

Graph with the number of listed buildings in the Netherlands from 1965-2018

Archaeological research by type

In 2018 there were 5.025 archaeological investigations registered in the Netherlands, an increase from 20167 by 800 (4,225). The number of registrations of archaeological research carried out in the Netherlands since 1908 amounts to 68,440 in total.

Graph with the growth of the archaeological research types reported in Archis since 1990.